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Hi group,

I'm an italian aquarist, particolarly fan of planted tank. And I'm looking
for an iron test that can measure and "read" the CHELATED iron in the water
I contacted LAMotte directly and by their words the LaMotte P-62 iron test
(code 7787 -octet comparator) canNOT read any artificial chelated iron, and
for sure nor EDTAFe neither DTPAFe. They are too strong, and the only way
to have success in reading them is to add HCl to the sample cuz in very
acid condition the reagent "might" be able to break EDTA.
It's able to read all natural ligands of iron (citric acid, lignosulfonic
chelants etc.), and the total iron still present (not precipitated!) in
water column, that's to say the total of ferrous plus ferric iron in the
If anyone knows something, please feel free to answer directly in my e-mail.


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