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beard algae?

Hi all,

I've been told I have some beard algae and I finally found 3 real SAE's
that went into the tank yesterday.  My question is this algae is now
starting to get on a few other plants--not heavily, but enough to
concern me as I don't want to ruin all the plants.  I'm afraid that it
might take the SAE's a bit of time to get used to things and get busy
and rid the chain swords of this mess.  Should I give it a bit more time
or uproot the 4 plants that are heavily infested and either pitch them
or do some kind of a rinse?  I'm starting to feel a bit anxious as I sit
on this problem--the guy at the LFS told me to pull the plants and throw
them away as I did NOT want a tank full of beard algae.

What to do...  any advice is welcome.

Thanks again,
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