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CO2 reactors

I've gotten my aquarium up and running, and gotten the RO-DI water
reconstituted - 4dKH, 4dGH, (using Kent Marine's R/O Right and baking
soda), and a pH of 7.20.  I'm trying to get the pH down to 6.8 with CO2
being injected via a pitot tube placed in the intake of my external
pump. This arrangement doesn't appear to be working very efficiently,
and I don't like the looks of all those bubbles in the water column, so
I'm shopping around for a CO2 reactor. I know the Dupla is a good unit,
but a little too expensive for me. I've read the archives concerning the
Aqualine Buschke unit, and it appears that it doesn't pass muster. Has
anyone tried the Coralife O2/O3 reactor, or know of any good
alternatives to the Dupla? 
In looking through TFP's catalog, I see they carry Coralife's O2/O3
reactor and their chemical reactor. The chemical reactor looks identical
to the O2/O3 reactor (except for the color and there's no airline
fitting or media with the CR), and the CR is $30 less ($44). I can
install an airline fitting very easily and fill the reactor with media.
Has anyone tried a conversion similar to this?

Santa Fe, TX