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RE: Soil

In APD V# #367, Sherri asks about soil substrates:

> Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of any soils that are safe to use in an
> aquarium
> as a substrate for plants?? I am unable to purchase any laterite
> in my area.
> If anyone could
> tell me a brand name available at stores like Wal-mart, Canadian Tire,
> etc... ? Would it be okay
> to mix the soil into the gravel??

Please refer to the archives for this list (I assume that you know how to
get to them - when you joined the list instructions should have been sent to
you, the URL is also posted to at the bottom of every issue of the list
itself). Run a search on "substrates" and/or "soil" and you will find more
than enough advice on soil substrates to last you more than ten lifetimes.
This subject has been covered to death here and had another go-round quite

Also, you might want to check out Steve Pushak's website - he has some
excellent material on the topic and a raft of good references for further

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario