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Comments: Getting started with a CO2 starter system

Title: Comments: Getting started with a CO2 starter system

I'm ready to take the CO2 plunge (I think!) and have spied a system called CO2 Complet, by Aqualine Buschke.  I'm not that familiar with any manufacturer of aquarium CO2 products.  I saw this system in That Fish Place's catalog.  They do not mention the size of the canister, but the whole setup is $279, and includes the following:

"This complete kit includes a CO2 reactor, bubble counter, fixture, pressure reducer, fine setting valve, bottle holder and dispenser control manometer."

If I purchase this, I don't want to get stuck with a proprietary system, meaning I'd like to upgrade to a larger CO2 bottle, maybe add some automated way of turning the CO2 on/off, etc.

I'd like some comments from you guys since you're "in the know".  I don't think I'd like to try a DIY yeast system.

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