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Knowledge extrapolation

This may be a little off topic, but, how much of what we know about
closed aquatic systems do you think applies to larger aquatic systems,
say a 15 acre lake?  The one behind the house is, to my eye, a thing of
beauty.  A healthy balance of flora and fauna with clean, clear water. 
However there are those here in our community who think that we should
introduce tripoid grass carp to get rid of the "weeds".  My position has
been, based on my experience with my aquariums, that if we get rid of
the aquatic plant life, especially by introducing a non indigenous
species, albeit sterile, that we have little control of, the system will
destabilize, algae will take over and the water quality will suffer. 
Although I've managed to hold off the introduction of the carp for the
last 5 years, I feel like I'm talking to the wall.  My question then
would be: am I making a correct assumption as to a very possible
outcome, i.e. a pea soup lake, or am I way off base?
If you feel this is too far off topic, please respond via private
e-mail.  I'm also interested in any experience you may have had with
carp as weed control, including a menu of what they prefer to eat.


Ed Hengel