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Re: Brush algea

In a message dated 98-07-03 16:07:19 EDT, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

 I'm sure this is a very basic question, but I can't seem to find
 reference to it in the archives.  I put some new plants into my tank
 about 2 weeks ago--pgymy chain swords--and as of yesterday, they are
 covered w/a blue/grey fuzz--very unsightly :)  It is on a few of my
 other plants now too and I would like to stop this quickly!   I have
 Flags, chinese algae eaters(I know!), plecos and corys as my clean up
 crew, could I get something else?  I have already decreased feeding--any
 other ideas?
This is a new experience for me as well.  In about 30 years of aquarium
I never had brush algea.  About 6 months ago I purchased some new amazon
and about two weeks later noticed it.  Since than I've been cleaning it out of
all my
tanks on a weekly bases and it just keeps comming back.  Nothing wants to eat