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Re: Neil's red horemanii

> Neil wrote:
> >Even my famous red horemanii
> >looses the dramatic red color and coverts to a pleasant but greener
> >apprearance (people who have visited my place need to comment because I am
> >red-green colorblind.
> I will attest to the amazing color of this plant.  The leaves range from a
> dark garnet red on the newest leaves, to maroon so dark it's almost black
> on the mature leaves.  I have a piece of this plant in one of my tanks, and
> have not been able to get it to come close to the color it has in Neil's tank.

fwit I also have one of Neil's red horemanii. Many of the older leaves
have kept much of the pure dark maroon color but some, that were perhaps
shaded by other plants now have a slight dark green sheen to them. 
After trimming back most of the plants in the tank that were partially
shading the horemanii, the new growth is coming in a very brilliant,
deep red. The new growth is also wider and wavier than the older,
narrower, straighter, dark maroon leaves. 
For comparison purposes: the plant is in a 33 gal. tank with 3 20w
tritons, laterite substrate, dupla drops and tabs (1/3 to 1/2
recommended dosage), 85 deg. soft, acidic water, 15 to 20 mg/l co2. 
Tank houses a couple of adolescent discus so it is heavily fed.  10%
water changed daily.

Ed Hengel