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Re: Cedar

     With all the discussion about cedar, I thought I would share my 
     "Mountain cedar", aka "post cedar" or "Mexican cedar" is a common 
     evergreen here in central Texas, where it is typically used as fence 
     posts.  I have had two different stumps in my aquarium for the past 6 
     years, with absolutely no problem.  However, that species is formally 
     known as ashe juniper, Juniperus ashei.  Thus, it is actually a 
     juniper, not a cedar, despite it's common name.  I believe aquarium 
     suitability is dependent upon what species you have.
     I can vouch for the suitability of ashe juniper in aquaria.  My black 
     skirt tetras have lived with it for six years, and my SAE's graze the 
     stump constantly.  Handsome, too.