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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #356

Wood guy that I am, I can no longer resist this thread.
The aromatic cedar (yes, it is spelled with an A) that seems to be of
primary concern is Eastern Redcedar, also known as Red Juniper. It is most
accurately identified as Juniperus virginiana and grows commonly in the
eastern half of the US and parts of southeastern Canada. To the best of my
knowledge, it grows nowhere in Lebanon and, contrary to what you may have
already read, I am confident that each and every individual J. virginiana
tree contains the volatile oils that give aromatic cedar it's unique
bouquet. Whether those compounds are dangerous to fish I cannot say, which
is why I have lurked until now. Sorry to venture further off-topic. Maybe
if I plant a cedar in my paludarium...

Ah, but that reminds me of an interesting superstition held by some of the
older mountain folk here in West Virginia. It has long been said that if
one plants a cedar tree, they will die by the time the tree is large enough
to shade their coffin.   No lie.

Maybe I should cut back on the light in that paludarium.