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Re: Placing plants in tanks

> Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 19:45:48 -0700
> From: "Ross Q. Metz" <rmetz at pris_bc.ca>
> I have the following plants?

You do? :-)

> Anubias Barteri Barteri
> Anubias Nana
> Anubias Lancelota
> Cryptocorne
> Riceia Flvuitans Crystalwort
> Java Fern
> Watersprite
> what needs do these plants need?

All these plants except the riccia and some of the cryptocorynes are
tough and adaptable.

> which plants will be okay with the fish that I have?
> Mostly African Cichlids - moori's, twain reds, yellow labs, severums,
> blue ahlia's, sunshine peacocks

My yellow labs don't seem to eat the watersprite, java fern and anubias
I have in the tank with them, but they aren't very herbivorous for Malawi
cichlids.  If you have real veggie maniacs like Pseudotropheus, you may
find hornwort to be the only plant that will grow faster than they can
eat it.  

The severums are the odd ones out.  They are a soft water species from
South America, and get more herbivorous as they grow.  THey may also
just take a dislike to plants and tear them up, not just up out of the
gravel, but up in little pieces.  A friend of mine put a bunch of floating
plants in a tank with an adult severum, and a few hours later described
them as looking like they'd been through a cuisinart.  The fish was happy
and entertained, however.