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Re: Light Intensity vs Spectrum

> Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 18:23:43 EDT
> From: FKing46 at aol_com
> I've seen people say that the extra initial lumens from new bulbs can make
> quite a difference and that for this reason you should change them every six
> months even though they will still light for years. 

We've found that we need the extra lumens to maintain difficult plants. However, 
we are at 1.6 watts/gal so we may be "on the edge" as you put it and need the 
extra oomph of fresh bulbs. 

> Does it make sense that different spectrums of light can dramatically affect
> the color of plants? Tritons are a lot more red than cool whites. Maybe the
> extra color is used by pigments other than chlorophyll?   

I've always felt that the simplistic "plants don't need green light because 
chlorophyll doesn't use it" and "plants are green because they don't adsorb 
green light" was a bit too, um, simplistic.  In "Dynamic Aquaria", Dr. Adey 
addresses the subject of accessory cells and other wavelengths of light. He 
points out that more research needs to be done. 
George Booth