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Selaginella wildenowii

Merrill wrote:

>How long, approximately, is "_very_" ?  This unusual plant inticed me when
>I saw it.  The two plants that I got had a 6" stem and new roots have
>formed (on driftwood).  I've only had these plants two to three months and
>they seem to be growing.  They are beautiful and no sign of yellowing out
>(underwater and under Triton lighting).  Maybe it's "wishful thinking" or
>"wishful growing".  I'll report more in four more months.

I had it for at least 6 months without it turning brown or yellow, but it
never seemed to grow much.  Then the leaves just sork of broke apart,
although they were still green.  In the Oriental Aquarium catalog, it is
definitely listed in the terrarium plant section.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association