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Re: Cedar

Bob Dixon says: [cedar] gives off toxic aromatics that will kill the
>fish.  The fuzzy stuff won't grow either because of those same aromatics.

Sexton counters with 


Richard Sexton says he has used "seasoned" cedar for 25 years. This is
anecdotal, but convincing. Based on his description, I would be willing to
give it a try.  If you have some real evidence that its aromatics are toxic
to specific fauna and flora of aquarium, please let us know. Do you and
Richard have different inhabitants or different chemistry of your waters?
On the other hand, first hand aquatic experience is critical. Although
cedar emits something in the air which repels bugs, is it necessarily
harmful to fish and plants. In fact, does submerged cedar behave the same
as dry cedar?  Another important distinction may be the modifier
"seasoned." Does the seasoning change the toxicity that Dixon talks about.

-- Neil, AGA