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Beautiful red pond plant

I picked up a pond plant at the PVAS auction this past weekend, intending to
put it in my bog tank.  I realized when I got home that I'd overestimated
the height of the tank, and there isn't much clearance for the plant.

I don't know what the plant is, but it's a dark burgundy stalk, with three
tall, broad leaves (burgundy, with some yellowish-red in the veins) and a
few new leaves sprouting along the outside.  It's got three leaves, with one
or two just sprouting along the outside of the stalk.

The three leaves all reach the top of the tank, and the top half of each
leaf is flat against the glass lid, right underneath the light strip.

I think I have the following options:

1)  Trim the plant somehow (either chop it in the middle, taking off the
largest leaves, and hoping the plant itself will survive, or cutting off the
roots at the bottom, which I wouldn't think would be the best option);
2)  Let it go, but expect the leaves to get scorched at the top; or
3)  Drop the plant in a Fed Ex tube and send it as a belated father's day
present to my husband's grandfather in Chicago (he's got a pond).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions... (!)

Alysoun McLaughlin
alysoun at planetall_com
in Wheaton, Maryland