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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #351

From: Janina <paaschjc at miamiu_acs.muohio.edu>
Subject: acquiring sand/gravel

>Can anybody share where they
>acquire coarse sand/gravel for a planted tank. I live in southern Ohio, if
>that is relevant.

Well Janina this may not help you much depending on where you live. The last
sand I got I collected from a creek bank. I got a 5 gallon bucket of sand
and when I got home I cleaned all the leaves, sticks and other junk out of
it and washed it to remove all the really fine dust. (You don't want to skip
this step! Trust me!!!!) This is not near as course as the #3 that I used in
other tanks I am very well pleased with it. Some of it ends up going out
with a water change but not enough to really matter.

I also collected the last gravel I used. We live on the Tennessee river so I
found a place where some pretty brown gravel washed up. I collected a couple
of buckets of it and spread it out on window screen and washed the heck out
of it. I picked all the shells (well most) and debris out of it and then
boiled it for an hour or so. It made the best looking tank I have. Wife has
wants me to use that in all my tanks now.

Either one of the projects is time consuming and hard work! But beats paying
to go the gym to exercise.

Jeff <*\\><
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