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killing snails (was re: Copper Medication)

Geek Bait aka Itchy.Scratchy at worldnet_att.net asked:

> Does copper have any negative effects on plants when it is used
> sparingly to kill snails? If so, what would be a good way to get rid
> snails besides using a clawn loach?

Personally, I hate to add any chemicals to an enclosed
environment that I don't have to. Copper (and other heavy
metals) have so many adverse effects, that I really try
to avoid them. Previously, I have always recommended
clown loaches. They are safe and effective, though sometimes
a little expensive. I have recently discovered (quite
accidentally - thanks Matt) that there is another fish
that does a supreme job of clearing a tank of any and
all snails. It is the convict cichlid. Anyone in your
area that already has them would be more than willing to
donate a few juvenilles to you. ;-) They are hardy, and
they have a fantastic parental drive. (Yeah, that's the
ticket.) And, there are one or two color varieties that
are available.

Eric Deese   Columbus, Ohio  USA
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