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Classroom Tanks

David Webb wrote:

>I never thought it would happen to me so soon, but I now have a child


Ha!  It happens to the best of us.<<g>

>and am thinking about following Karen's lead in helping my

>daughter's class with a nice planted aquarium.


>Karen, could you please post your experiences and recommendations with

>classroom tanks?

I could, but it would take up several digests.  The 1999 Aquarium USA
(which should be on the stands now) has a pretty complete article on what
we did and how we did it, including numerous photos and diagrams.  We
will also soon have _lots_ of info, clip art, advice, etc. up at the
Holliston school dept's web site: 


</underline>I don't know if it's up there yet, but I do know that they've
been working on it.  

Get that tank running!  You'll have fun, and the kids will _love_ it!

Karen Randall

Aquatic Gardeners Association