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Vectrapoint/Amamo Journal

Since I raised a question a few weeks ago about Vectrapoint Publishing
(the publisher of the English edition of Amano's "Aqua Journal") I feel
obliged to report that I received my copy of Vol. 33 of the journal a
week or so ago.  "Aqua Journal" is indeed an exceptional publication
which deserves the favorable review Art Giacosa posted to the APD a few
months ago.  My favorite section concerned detailed step-by-step advice
on the trimming of stem plants.  There is every indication that we are
going to get detailed how-to information regarding Amano's techniques.
And as expected, the photographs are stunning.  My only advice to
potential subscribers would be to pay the extra amount for air mail
delivery if you are not close to Singapore.

Vectrapoint has also upgraded their web site which includes a manual and
interesting step-by-step information on setting up an Amano-style
aquarium.  Vectrapoint is located at:  http://www.vectrapoint.com

For the record, I have no commercial relationships with anything

Regards, Steve Dixon  --  in sunny San Francisco