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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #344

Hello All:

My two cents worth (about 0.32 cents US)
> Also, isn't there some difference of opinion between some countries as to
> which is larger - million or billion?  This may lead to misunderstanding when
> using PPM.

Nope: The confusion is between American Billion (1000 million) and 
Euro Billion (Million million). 1000 million is called a Milliard in 
> And finally, we toss about the terms mg/l, PPM and Metric system as if they
> were all consistent.  One would think that mg/l would be a Metric system
> measure but isn't "parts per million" rather system independent?  Just a
> semantic nit, really.

Rather large Nit actually. For waying out chemicals, mg/l works best, 
which you calculate from Mols/l. PPM works nicely if your 
measurements are liquid, but its really unnecessary.



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