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Re: Intro and lots o' Q's

First I want to say thanks to those who posted about my Ca question, never
even thought of the marine stuff even though I have some.


As many here say the plants do most of the filtering in the heavily
planted tank, so don't worry about what type of biomaterial you use,
pratically any inert substance should be fine.

I have used the Kent RO Right for over 3 years and am very happy with it.
Easy to use and cheap as I still have the same 1,000 gram container I
started with.

Your lighting sounds fine and the actinic seem unneccesary, but they will
probably not hurt anything.  However save the electricty for something
else and just go with the metal halide.  Also the size is perfect for just
one bulb, but if it is 31" high it might get dim at the bottom penetrating
all that great plant growth you will hopefully have.  Your next bulb might
be a 5500-6500 K which may be marginally better for plants, but won't give
as "white" of light as the 10K does.

Good luck and lots of fun.

PS.  You can still spend way to much time and money even in poor old
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