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Fertilizer Analysis

	Many of you beat me to the punch in translating the ingredients,
so I have nothing to add there.  However, I would like to take (small)
issue with one of Paul Sears' comments: Paul rightly noted that the
ingredients were incomplete, and said the original poster should not
bother with the product.  True, but let's cut Sera some slack.  Their
liquid fertilizer is really meant to be part of their complete fertilizer
package, which includes a substrate (Floredepot) and also fertilizer
tablets (Florenette A).  Since Sera doesn't normally reveal their
ingredients (very annoying) except in areas where the
state/province/country requires it, I don't know for certain, but suspect,
that the nutrients "missing" in the liquid (Florena) are contained in
Florenette and Floredepot.  (Sorry about the run-on sentence;-)).  
	I've never used Florena, so I don't have much to say about it.
However, I have used the fertilizer tabs for years, and know many others
who have dones so.  Our results have been positive.  That's anecdotal and
not scientific, I realize.  
	I set up a 10 gallon with Floredepot and sand a few months back,
and the results have been great.  In fact, some of my swords, which I had
thought to be a dwarf species, and which had been doing just ok in another
planted tank, are now growing out of the 10 gallon.  They appear very
healthy, also.  I know only 3 other persons who are using the Floredepot,
and their tanks have been set up for only a few months to 1/2 a year also,
but their results have been very positive so far.  We'll see what the long
term results (1 year?2 years?3?) will be.  So far, I haven't added any
other fertilizer to the 10 gallon, except some potassium nitrate, since
the tank has only 10 shrimp in it.  Iron is still measurable.  I  knew in
advance that the Floredepot contains Fe, since I had run a test) but I
have no idea what else it
contains.  The container I have states only that it "contains vital
nutrients, peat, trace elements, nutrient salts and special growth
promoting substances [but] does not contain nitrates or phosphates."
	Anyone out there have a list of ingredients for Floredepot or
Florenette A?