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Re: fertilizer analysis

Thanks to those of you who translated the ingredients for Sera Florena.  I
was pretty sure what was in it, I just wanted to make sure.  I'm really not
an idiot.

I would really like to try the PMDD mix but have been unable to find the
ingredients locally.  I am thinking about mail ordering them.

IMHO This list has great potential as an information source to those who are
new to this hobby as I am.  There are a lot of people here with many years
of experience and it is really too bad that they are so busy bickering over
nothing that they have forgotten what this list is about.  I have been
reading this list for about 6 months now and have seen several debates over
nothing (list vs. newsgroup, units of measure, etc..) most of which have
turned into all out catfights.  It is really too bad that you can't have
your arguments off list and post answers to relevant questions (such as the
recently discussed root problem) so as to help those who are here for the
information.  If the answers are not posted to the group they are not put in
the archive and the same questions are bound to come up again.  And while
I'm on a role here, is it really necessary to repost the whole message that
you are replying to?  It sure makes a mess of the digest.  I'm sure you all
will flame me big time for expressing my opinion on these matters but I
really see the potential in this list and would love to see it grow.

Just my 2 cents ,