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Re: Intro and lots o' Q's & Glossostigma elantoides

>Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 10:36:44 -0400
>From: Dean Merrill <dzm at sprintmail_com>
>Subject: Intro and lots o' Q's

>This is a list of what I'm starting with along with my questions: 
>Aquarium - 31" cube w/ built-in overflow box
>I intend to stock it with small tetras (neons, etc.), Otocinclus spp.,
>rasboras, and perhaps a few angels. 

Aren't small neons food for large angels?

>Substrate - 77lbs. Flourite which I plan to treat w/ Flourish tabs prior
>to planting the tank as well as treating the water w/ Flourish and
>Flourish Iron. I would like to plant the tank all at once, then add the
>fish slowly. Is this approach advisable? 

Then you must supply the macro nutrients (e.g., nitrate and potassium) to
the plants somehow, before the fish are added.  I don't know if the
you noted are rich in macro nutrients.

>Books - other than some old limnology and FW ecology texts, I don't have
>any books on FW aquariums or aquatic plants. What books are recommended?

Baensch' Aquarium Atlases.

>Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 13:14:51 -0500 (CDT)
>From: Kin T Tam <tamx0004 at tc_umn.edu>
>Subject: Glossostigma elantoides
>I'm still trying to find this plant, and have not been sucessfull.  Is
>there anyone on this list that still has this plant and been able to grow
>it sucessfully? 

Fountain's Aquarium in San Diego carries it.  I have not been very
successful with it though.  I removed the rockwool from the first pot I
bought and tried unsuccessfully to get the short and delicate roots
anchored in the gravel.  I left the rockwool intact for the 2nd pot I
bought, but the new shoots don't seem to want to stay in the gravel.  They
keep growing up into the water column, roots and all.  Perhaps I just don't
have enough light for it.