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RE: Fertilizer analysis

> From: RFellows at concentric_net
> Subject: Fertilizer analysis

Just guessing, but the french is easier to decipher than, say, german...

> Acide borique 0,2 mg

Boric Acid  (H2BO3)

> Chlorure de fer 89 mg


> Chlorure de potassium 0,1 mg


> Chlorure de magnesium 0,2 mg


> Bicarbonate de soude 0,06 mg

Sodium Bicarbonate  H2CO3

> Acide sulfurique 0,16 mg

Sulfuric Acid  H2SO4

> Acide ethylenediaminetetracetique 0,4 mg

EDTA, a chelator

> Eau purifie ad 100 ml    (I'm assuming this is water)

Probably Distilled Water

> If possible I would like to know how this measures up to PMDD
> (i.e. what it
> is missing) and if I could dose it daily.

From the Sears & Conlin Tim Mullin's pages on The Krib, the micronutrient
ratios in PMDD are approximately
Fe 7 : Mn 2 : Mg 1.5 : B 1 : Zn .4 : Cu .1 : Mo .05
Adding Epsom Salts will kick the Mg up a little, too.  It looks like your
mix has Fe, B, K, and Mg, but I can't do the ratios without a periodic
table.  Looks like it lacks Mn, though.

Hope this helps,

BTW, I, too, would like to see a summary of the 'aerial roots' replies.  The
first three inches of my Hygro. corymbosa look like a rats' nest...