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Re: fertilizer analysis and hardness

Chlayne asked:
> I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what Sera Florena has in
> it.  The analysis is on the bottle but is in French.
> The analysis is per 100 ml and reads as follows:
> Acide borique 0,2 mg
Boric Acid 0.2 mg

> Chlorure de fer 89 mg
Iron chloride 89 mg

> Chlorure de potassium 0,1 mg
potassium chloride 0.1 mg

> Chlorure de magnesium 0,2 mg
magnesium chloride 0.2 mg

> Bicarbonate de soude 0,06 mg
sodium bicarbonate 0.06 mg

> Acide sulfurique 0,16 mg
sulfuric acid 0.16 mg

> Acide ethylenediaminetetracetique 0,4 mg
EDTA 0.4 mg

> Eau purifie ad 100 ml    (I'm assuming this is water)
purified water

> If possible I would like to know how this measures up to PMDD (i.e. what it
> is missing) and if I could dose it daily.

Can't help much there - depends on how you make your PMDD.  This is a
shorter list of trace and minor nutrients than most hydroponics trace
element mixes will offer, and there's no nitrate.

> ------------------------------

Forrest King wrote:

> > At the moment you will find that most books and a lot of websites quote
> > units of degrees of general hardness (GH) when referring to the
> > appropriate measurements of mineral content in aquarium water for
> > plants. For SHAME!!!
> Bullstuff! You have been spouting off on this topic yet seem to have very
> little actual information on which to base your spouting.  One has to wonder
> if you even own a test kit!


I might agree with some of what followed, but I didn't like the tone.
There seems to be some huffing and puffing on both sides of the issue and
frankly, I don't see the point.

Roger Miller

Oh yeah.  Vancouver isn't a state.