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Re: Fertiliser analysis

> From: RFellows at concentric_net
> Subject: Fertilizer analysis
> The analysis is per 100 ml and reads as follows:
> Acide borique 0,2 mg

	Boric acid, H3BO3

> Chlorure de fer 89 mg

	Iron chloride, probably FeCl3, not FeCl2

> Chlorure de potassium 0,1 mg

	Potassium chloride

> Chlorure de magnesium 0,2 mg

	Magnesium chloride

> Bicarbonate de soude 0,06 mg

	Sodium bicarbonate

> Acide sulfurique 0,16 mg

	Sulphuric acid.

> Acide ethylenediaminetetracetique 0,4 mg


> Eau purifie ad 100 ml    (I'm assuming this is water)

	Made up to 100mL with purified water.

> If possible I would like to know how this measures up to PMDD (i.e. what it
> is missing) and if I could dose it daily.

	Almost everything is  missing.  There is a bit of iron in it (at low
concentration), and the rest is at such very low concentration that it can
safely be ignored.  Forget this stuff.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada