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Re: French ingredients

Chlayne wanted to know what this stuff is in her Sera Florena:

> Acide borique 0,2 mg                     	Boric acid (Boron)	2.0 mg/l
>  Chlorure de fer 89 mg                    	Iron Chloride		890mg/l	
>  Chlorure de potassium 0,1 mg          	Potassium Chloride	 1.0mg/l
>  Chlorure de magnesium 0,2 mg       	Magnesium Chloride	 2.0mg/l
>  Bicarbonate de soude 0,06 mg           Sodium bicarbonate   0.6mg/l
>  Acide sulfurique 0,16 mg     			Sulfuric acid		 1.6mg/l
>  Acide ethylenediaminetetracetique 0,4 mg     Some funky organic acid
										that I don't recognize 4.0mg/l
>  Eau purifie ad 100 ml    (I'm assuming this is water)
 						That's what it is, in sufficient quantity to top off the 100ml

That sounds like an awful lot of salt (everything that ends in <chloride>)  I
suppose it is the cheapest way to get those metals in ionic form.  IMHO this
stuff is lacking an awful lot of important stuff.  Not being one of the more
experienced folks on the list, I'll let someone else pass final judgement and
make recommendations.

Bob Dixon