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Re: SAE's on the web AND Westerleigh Aquatics

On 24 Jun 98, Lewis wrote:

> > Can you explain what part you found outrageous, Lewis?
> > 
> > - --
> > Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
> I probably did not phrase that very well.  All of the components of the
> transaction are reasonable, as you point out.  What I meant to convey was
> that one would have to really want these critters to pay $58 for a couple
> of them. Lewis

Well, I, for one, used as I am to purchasing B. splendens from private
breeders via mail, am appalled at the quote of $45 for shipping, *plus*
a $10 handling fee.  I have never paid over $20 for shipping and shipping
materials and *that* is for sometimes up to 10 adult fish, each packed
in its own double bag (sometimes females 2 to a bag), and at Express 
Mail prices!  Next week I am expecting four Bettas shipped from Hawaii
to New York state via Express Mail and paid only $15 shipping/packing!

That said ... has anyone ever ordered plants from Westerleigh Aquatics?
I think they are in NY or NJ?

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