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Re: SAEs on the web

> > Lewis Mills originally said:
> > > Searching for something wholly unrelated, I came across the
following link.
> > > http://www.bestfish.com/sae.html
> > > I have no affiliation with this company, and I frankly think the
prices are
> > > outrageous.  

> > To which Dave Gomberg replied:
> > I don't consider $4 for an SAE outrageous, I just paid $6.
> > And I don't consider it outrageous to have to pay for shipping when
> > buying MO.
> > And I don't consider $10 for a box outrageous.
> > Can you explain what part you found outrageous, Lewis?
> > 
> And Lewis Mills finally said:
> Dave,
> I probably did not phrase that very well.  All of the components of
> transaction are reasonable, as you point out.  What I meant to
convey was
> that one would have to really want these critters to pay $58 for a
> of them.

OK, this has gotten to the point that I actually feel I have
to respond. I have several tanks, one of which is largely
populated by various Anubias sp. About 28 months ago, it was the
most disgusting tank I had. All of the Anubias (and everything
else) was covered with brush algae. For six months I battled
the algae, and it always won. Somewhere around that time, I
learned of the SAE here on the APD. I could find them nowhere
locally. Then, it was announced here that some where able to get
them shipped from Albany Aquarium in Albany, California. I
called information, got the phone number, and called them.
For $70 or $80 (I forget exactly), they sent me 6 SAE. Within
one month, the brush algae was gone. The total price of
6 (or even 10) from the above listed site works out to be
about the same as I recall paying. Solving a major infestation
of brush algae was certainly worth that cost to me. I would
not hesitate to pay it again. I think their pricing is very
reasonable. Of course, now I can pay $4 each locally, and not
incur shipping and handling. But more to Lewis' point, 
"one would have to really want these critters to pay $58 for a 
couple of them", that price is NOT high if you really NEED them.
There may be some folks that acquire SAE simply for the fish
that it is. Most of us here obtain it for the incredible
service that it provides. They are well worth their price.

Eric Deese   Columbus, Ohio  USA

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