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Re: Jobe's vs. Plantabbs

>Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 19:08:33 EDT
>From: BnGinMN at aol_com
>Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #338

>Jobe's plant sticks?  My LFS (the same one selling aluminum plants) sells a
>product called Plantabbs from Aquarium Products for $1.39, while Jobe's plant
>food spikes cost $2.99 at our discount chain.  Fertilizers are rated by three
>numbers, total guaranteed nitrogen-total phosphate-total potash

>Jobe's: 13-4-5.
>Plantabbs: 11-15-20.
>We already have an ammoniacal nitrogen source as well as a nitrate nitrogen
>source in the nitrifying bacteria right? So the latter numbers are more
>important.  The biggie to me is that Jobes contains Chlorine also.  While not
>significant, .2%, I prefer the plantabbs in cost and safety.  Any good
>suggestions for a iron intensive fertilizer?  I am using Tetra's liquid right
>now, but I want something else.

If you go back to the archive, you'll find that the Jobe's plant sticks
referred to here are Jobe's Plant Food Spike for Lush Ferns and Palms
(16-2-6), not the regular Jobe's.  Some people, me included, are using them
to SUPPLEMENT the PMDD daily drops.  The purpose is to add more nitrogen
and potassium to the root zone, where they are more beneficial to the
plants, and keep them away from the algae.  The 16-2-6 formula was chosen
to keep the phosphate content to a minimum, per the PMDD theory.