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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #337

Oops, Sorry.  Water chemistrt is 8.2 pH, no ammonia(finally cycled), nitrates
below 35ppm,and hardness is 370ppm not 37. Sorry for the missing 0.

Wow.  Another LFS, not the one selling the Aluminum plant, sold us two tiny
Dwarf African frogs under the guise that they were truly aquatic and would not
prefer a setup with some land and a waterfall or something.  The frogs seem to
get their air at the surface.  
>No more liability than for selling you an african dwarf frog, and not
>informing you that it will eventually grow large enough to eat all your
uh oh...talk about a timely example.
Anyway, back to the chemistry question.  Miami Bob explained to me how to get
the hardness to the desired level.  One part R/O to one part tap =370/2.  Now
that the hardness is down how do I get the pH to a level that my Alternanthera
reineckii and the Nympoides aquatica are not being abused.
My girlfriend really loves those frogs.  How big will they get.
an ignorant aquaticist just trying to figure out what questions he should be