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CO2 Tables

Chlayne wrote:  "I was just curious about the KH/pH/CO2 tables.  My
water has a KH reading of 71.6 ppm (4 dh) and a pH of 7.4.  According to
the chart, in order for me to reach optimum CO2 levels I need a pH of
6.9 or 7.0.
So my question is isn't there a way to lower my pH besides CO2
I am having a terrible time with the DIY yeast method and cannot afford
a real CO2 setup at this time."

You can lower the pH with acids, but this won't help increase your CO2
levels.  In other words, if you use an acid to lower your pH the KH will
drop (the acid will eat up the bi-carbonates) and the CO2 levels will
stay the same.  Take a look at the chart (I don't have it handy at the
moment) and find the KH level for pH 7.0 and your current CO2 level (it
should be less than 4 dH).  An acid which lowers your pH to 7.0 will do
so by reducing the KH to the level shown on the chart.
So I don't think there is any shortcut for achieving the desired CO2
level to boost your plant growth.  Somehow, you have to increase the CO2
levels-using yeast DIY, or a pressurized CO2 system, or some other
technology which delivers CO2 to your water column.  
Good luck, Steve Dixon     -- in San Francisco where we have had a few
lovely summer days recently