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Re: tap water hardness

BnGinMN at aol_com writes:
> Purchasing R/O and distilled water from
> my LgroceryS what ratio do I need to mix my tap water and this bottled water
> to get the desired figures.

Waste of good money.

> Tap water is 37ppm total hardness and 8.2pH, as tested by aquarium pharm. test
> kits.

Most likely you should use your tap water directly and ADD more minerals
to it. I cannot guess how much potassium you might have in the water but
you can easily dose it at the rate of 10 mg/L of water changed. You
probably should add aother 40 mg/L of CaCO3 and 10 mg/L of magnesium.
The actual concentrations are not really critical as long as you are
within a factor of 2 or so. Water with those mineral contents used in
conjunction with 25% water changes every couple of weeks should be quite
adequate for even strong lighting and CO2 (high growth).

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