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Re: Slow UGF

Steve P. writes:

<snip> If you are using the vacuum pressure outlet from a powerhead, this will
>  develop a vacuum of several inches hydrostatic. (i.e. the pressure
>  caused by a water level difference of that height)

No, I am using a multiple lift tube set-up with a slow airstone.  There's an
Air-powered RUGF design posted on the Krib in the filtration section (has my
name attached to it somewhere) with a nice diagram, courtesy of Eric's
skillful touch.  The fewer bubbles the airstone puts out, the less "head" for
pushing the water down into the plenum.

>  And the purpose of this is to filter nutrients from the water? Plants do
>  this very effectively using biological mechanisms!!! The bonus is, its
>  very cheap and requires no special hardware! ;-)

But I'm told by all, or at least most, of the experts on this list that to get
the nutrients to the substrate exchnge sites I need substrate current such as
provided by those very spendy, and IMHO, very risky heating cables.  I
wouldn't mind so much if they told me I could tape the cables at a given
interval onto the bottom of the tank, even if I had to use twice as many of
the spendy buggers to get it to heat to the level required.  One thing I have
decided for sure is I don't want to get this really great looking tank
running, and then just as it is perfect, rip it down and replace the expended
substrate, or start sticking little clay balls in it everywhere to keep it