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Re: Non-aquatic plants

>At my LFS last night I noticed some aluminum plants for sale, remembering
>discussion here I became mildly curious.  Doesn't a LFS have some sort of
>liability for selling a product that has no biological chance of surviving
>the medium?  There must be some legal remedy to discourage this practice.
>states have bad faith commerce clauses.  Perhaps this plant can survive and
>"our" experts are just not familiar with it, or more likely the plant has

No more liability than for selling you an african dwarf frog, and not
informing you that it will eventually grow large enough to eat all your

Or for selling you a luleupi and an agassizzi without telling you to put
them in different tanks...

Sure, you can sue if you want to, but I think there's a word for it...
frivolous... ?  You'll be better off if you just find an LFS with
knowledgeable staff, and tell all your friends... or do your homework before
you buy, and spread the word.

Alysoun McLaughlin
alysoun at planetall_com