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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #335

Nick Miller wrote:

> On another theme, I read of the use of vermiculite as a medium for
> aquatic plants, and tried the recommended method of waterlogging it - repeated squeezing and kneading.  This seemed to be getting me
> nowhere, so I used lake sediment (there is a lake at the bottom of 		> my garden) instead.  However, I subsequently tried placing a bowl 			> full of very wet vermiculite in the microwave oven.  After a few minutes
> heating it came to the boil, the vermiculite expanded somewhat then
> started falling to the bottom of the water column.  Some still
> floated, and a second microwave treatment fixed that.

A nother method of "sinking" vermiculite is to place it, in water, into
a vacuum flask and apply low vacuum (a water-pump vacuum is OK).

(It did not occur to me to microwave it!)


George S