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Re: riser pressure...

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Mike Cordero wrote:

> hi all .. this is in line with this riser pressure discussion ..
> 3 questions :
> 1.  what flow rate is optimum .. in gal/hr or gal/min
>     is ideal for gravel circulation ??

I don't know that anyone has optimized this.  Depending on the size of
your tank the ideal flow rate probably would be more readily measured in
drops/minute than in gallons/min.

> 2.  would it act like a heating cable ?

It won't give your plants the "warm feet" effect that people get from
heating cables.

> 3.  if i plug the riser tube up and put a air hose thru it
>     attach this to the venturi tube of a powerhead ..
>     would the flow rate be enough ??

I do this and it works well - it may actually give too much flow.  The
flow can be regulated with a valve or possibly with a drip irrigation flow
regulator.  Obviously your mileage will vary.

Roger Miller