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Aluminum Plant

In a message dated 6/19/98 3:15:56 AM EST, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

<< > > What are the chances that the plants will survive 
 > > after a few weeks under water?
 > None.  It is a terrestrial plant and is not adapted
 > to long term submersion.
At my LFS last night I noticed some aluminum plants for sale, remembering the
discussion here I became mildly curious.  Doesn't a LFS have some sort of
liability for selling a product that has no biological chance of surviving in
the medium?  There must be some legal remedy to discourage this practice.  All
states have bad faith commerce clauses.  Perhaps this plant can survive and
"our" experts are just not familiar with it, or more likely the plant has been

I was reading the FAQ at the newsgroup homepage, but I never really came
across a conversion method for R/O water or distilled to the desired
chemistry.  I know alot of you use R/O units, but my twenty-nine gallon tank
makes the idea of one kind of silly.  Purchasing R/O and distilled water from
my LgroceryS what ratio do I need to mix my tap water and this bottled water
to get the desired figures.
Tap water is 37ppm total hardness and 8.2pH, as tested by aquarium pharm. test
I do not know the KH as I haven't found one of these kits for sale in
Rochester.  Bottled water is 0 ppm of hardness and 6.0pH.

Will a massive Hydra outbreak harm my plants?