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Re: Questions about water circulation

Virginia Snell wrote:
> So my alternative idea is this: I have taken 1/2 inch PVC spaced about
> 1 1/2 inch apart, connected to a tube in the back of the tank which has
> an upright lift tube. I drilled small holes along the sides of the PVC.
> The lift tube (just a tube that goes up, not really a lift) is
> connected to a very low flow rate powerhead. I layered my substrate,
> which is only laterite mixed with small gravel, and then gravel alone,
> on top of these PVC "fingers". I am hoping that I can get a low
> circulation through the PVC up through the gravel, which maybe will
> create a downdraft circulation between the "fingers".
> What do you think of this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Virginia Snell
> c_vsnell at ix_netcom.com

Disclaimer:  I have absolutely NO experience with these matters, just a

Many seem to want to avoid the expense of heating cables, by using
various types of undergravel devices.  However, maintaining a
slow/gentle enough water flow seems to be an issue.

Rather than using a powerhead to generate flow, would it be possible to
use a wide, shorter lift tube, with a submersible heater positioned
directly IN the lift tube?  In this way, one might be able to use
convection to generate EXTREMELY gentle water flow, much more so than
with any pump.  Has anyone contemplated/tried this?

As I said, just a thought, for what it's worth.