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Finally got my tank up and running

Hello All:

Finally got my plant tank set up yesterday. 60 cm 50l effort, so its 
a bit shallow, but then I picked it up for R50 (about $8 US I 
think)Substrate is a bit over 1cm of red subsoil, 2.5cm of clay 
topsoil mixed half/half with vermiculite, and 10 ml of my own trace 
element mixture in the bottom cm of this layer (equive: 2/3 tsp FTE), 
toped with 2.5 cm of silica filter sand. Basically a synthesis of 
Steve and Jim Kelly's ideas). Water column fertiliser is Steve's mix, 
which makes sense. CO2 injection via yeast bottle method. Lighting 
at the moment is a single Osram BioLux 18watt Daylight 6500K in a 
homemade fitting with a polished metal reflector. I'll be adding 
another BioLux over the weekend to give a total of 36 watts. Plants 
are Valisneria, Eleocharis, Lugwidia repens, Alternathera and a 
Microsorium on some wood. I'll be adding Vesicularia, Lemna, 
Ceratophyllum and an indigenous sedge (looks like a coarse and short 
Eleocharis with leaves that curl) later today, and a couple of 
Crytocorine wendti (I think...) in about a month. No filter. Haven't 
had one since....umm....1987 I think.

Hmm Sun just came up. Time to get some work done. 


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
Rhodes University
South Africa

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