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Switch to sponge filter

Dennis wrote:
>Subject: CO2 advice please
>I'm moving away from pump filters and moving almost exclusively to sponge
>filters in order to drasticly reduce the turbulance in several of my planted
<snip> However with the move to sponge filters I need another way
>to get the CO2 into the water that is more efficient than bubbling it through
>an air stone.  Does anyone have any suggestions here?

I presume that you are running a power head on the sponge filter? If so
injecting the CO2 is easy. Make a hole to take the CO2 tube in the lift
tube under the power head and run the CO2 through the powerhead
impeller...great way to inject CO2. It gets thrashed around and comes out
in spurts of very fine bubbles. Works well for me. Fuzzy white stuff will
probably grow on the end of the CO2 tube after awhile. You can clean it off
everytime you clean the sponge.

in Vancouver