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Re:CO2 advice please

Dennis wrote
>However with the move to sponge filters I need another way to get the
CO2 into the water that is more efficient than bubbling it through an
air stone.  Does anyone have any suggestions here?

The simplest way to get the CO2 into the water is to use a dome. You
just trap the bubbles that don't dissolve to give them time to
dissolve.  For my 55g I cut a 3 1/2" square plastic food container
down to about 1" deep. Using 2 suction cups I held it inverted near
the top in the back corner of the tank and placed by CO2 source under
it.  For smaller tanks I used domes with smaller areas.  In time air
will collect in the dome and you may want to release it.  However, I
found that because of the high solubility of the CO2 it's really not
necessary to release this air.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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