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Time for new lights

I'm using 4 - 30 watt Chroma 50s over a 60 gallon tank, 2 watts per gallon.
They've been in use about a year.  I'm starting to have a BBA problem and have
read that older lamps encourage it because they have shifted to the red end of
the spectrum.  I was considering a change to a single 175 watt MH, 3 watts per
gallon.  I've read where the German 10K bulbs put out a white light (which
doesn't make sense to me, if it's 10K why isn't it blue?) that is good for
growing plants (and reefs).  If I were to consider the MH option, which bulb
would work best?


In Austin, Texas which is indeed a whole 'nother country and where we don't
really care to be lumped in to the united states category.