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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #333

Questions about Plenum
I've been lurking on this digest for a while and wanted to share an 
idea that I'm about to try that relates to the discussion about the 

I had thought about making a "real" plenum in a plant tank but decided 
that it would probably not work well, for most of the reasons in 
discussion. Although I must say that I had not thought about the 
sequestration of minerals,etc, etc. So then I thought 
about the investment into heating cables. Heating cables are so 
outrageously expensive that I was not keen on that idea. Also, a LFS 
here in Houston (otherwise known as the bowels of Hell) had tried and 
said that it was too hot here to get a good temperature gradient, so no
water movement could be acheived. 

So my alternative idea is this: I have taken 1/2 inch PVC spaced about 
1 1/2 inch apart, connected to a tube in the back of the tank which has 
an upright lift tube. I drilled small holes along the sides of the PVC. 
The lift tube (just a tube that goes up, not really a lift) is 
connected to a very low flow rate powerhead. I layered my substrate, 
which is only laterite mixed with small gravel, and then gravel alone, 
on top of these PVC "fingers". I am hoping that I can get a low 
circulation through the PVC up through the gravel, which maybe will 
create a downdraft circulation between the "fingers". 
What do you think of this?
Thanks in advance.
Virginia Snell
c_vsnell at ix_netcom.com