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Re: George on the soapbox

Bob Dixon IDMiamiBob at aol_com writes:
> Doug DeSimone writes:
> > IMHO I would prefer to see mg/l values used...
> [snip]
> So it seems to me, that mg/l and ppm are pretty much the same thing

Oh you americans!! You'll do anything to avoid using metric measures,
eh? First you want to spell all the latin and greek Scientific Names of
things with all the capitols wrong, then you don't want to be lumped in
with foreign countries and now you want to invent your own darn
measuring system. I should remind y'all that gallons are part of the
Imperial BRITISH system but you even have to have a different size for
those. ForG-E-T about it... Next thing we'll be finding out that
teaspoons are smaller in the united states!! and your test kits there
are better than the ones we poor northerners get stuck with. Shucks!

Steve (the notorious one)