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Re: plant trimings outside

> Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 03:26:21 EDT
> From: DENYSTA2 at aol_com
> I was think of putting my plant trimmings out side in a contianer and adding
> DIY CO2 and see if the trimings well take root and grow fair rapidly with all
> the new california sun. Any suggestion or help would be greatly revieced ass
> this is for a community colleges aquarium.

Aquarium plants, especially floating ones, can get UV burns just like 
land plants if exposed to sunlight after spending their lives indoors.
Suggest you shade your containers well at first, and gradually expose
the plants over a period of a week or two.  I just turned some rather
nice spare water sprite into what looked just like a white lace doily
by tossing it into a bucket on the patio.

The other problem I have is with raccoons, who seem to believe that any
container full of water and water plants has got to have something tasty
in it.  If they don't knock the bucket over, they will dig around, ripping
plants out and tossing them over their shoulders, looking for the good
stuff.  Aponogeton bulbs are definitely classed as good stuff. This behaviour
has got to be instinctive, because I live in downtown Toronto where the
urbanized raccoons have never seen a natural body of water close up.