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density of CaCO3

I weighed 1 tsp of calcium carbonate (5ml) and got a weight of 4.05
grams +/~ 0.05g Is that about what other folks have measured?

In 50 litres that would give 80 mg/L which is roughly 4 GH but that
doesn't agree with other rough conversions which suggest that 1 tsp of
CaCO3 per 50 litres gives about 2 degrees of GH. I'm using 17.9 mg/L of
CaCO3 as equivalent to 1 unit of GH.

I'm using technical grade calcium carbonate which is a very fine powder.
I repeated the measurement with sample from a bulk bag of CaCO3 which
our local club got from a pottery supply and this time I get 6.16 grams
per 5ml tsp.

What gives?? is my calcium carbonate powder heavier than everybody
else's by a factor of 2 !?? Or is it hygroscopic (absorbs water from the
air)? This is important because if it absorbs water, then the gram
weight per mole will be different.

Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA