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RE: Re: Ballast's heat under the tank?

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> Subject: Re: Ballast's heat under the tank?
> >How about placing the ballasts under the tank?  Would it not help heating
> >the tank and lessen the weight of the hood at the same time? Have any one
> >tried this?
> Good idea, in theory.  However, what I'm trying to do is to *reduce* heat
> in my tank.  In the winter, it's a very good idea, however, and it would
> certainly be good for the plant roots (alternative to heating cables in
> the
> gravel?!?)
> Part of the reason I'm so interested in doing this is because I've had a
> lot of trouble with hair algae (and who hasn't!?).  I know the ballasts
> aren't the main problem, but they do add a certain amount of heat.
> - --Matt
	I may be missing something here, but are you saying that relatively
high temperatures are part of the cause of hair algae?