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Re:George on the soapbox

Doug DeSimone writes:

> Also, IMHO I would prefer to see mg/l values used generally as opposed
>  to ppm in most discussions of water parameters although I realize this
>  is not possible with many test kits.

Someone correct me if and where I am wrong here:
		One gram of water equals one cc
		One cc also equals one ml
		So there are one thousand grams in a liter
		And one thousand mg in a gram
		So, then there are one million mg of water in one liter, yes?
		Measurements of parts per million are by weight, not by volume or by number
of 				molecules or atoms
	So it seems to me, that mg/l and ppm are pretty mudh the same thing, or close
enough for straight conversion in the level of precison and accuracy needed in
any discussion here on this mailing list.
	So when you see ppm, read mg/l.  mg/l seems rather meaningless to me, so
lately I have been reading it as ppm, because I think the two are close enough
that any induced error will be negligible.

Bob Dixon